The byproduct of someone at SEGA watching one too many Dragonball Z cartoons.
Instead of Sonic building up his strength by fighting in order to become Super Sonic, he just simply steals 7 Chaos Emeralds from Knuckles.
by AYB June 29, 2003
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In Sonic the hedgehog 2, Sonic can become "Super" by collecting 7 chaos emeralds while holding 50 rings and pushing "Jump" twice. He becomes an invincible golden hedgehog that can run super fast and jump incredible hights, not to mention he can run accross water at will. And as he was created before dragonball z, i doubt sega ripped them off, more likely it was the other way around.
Yeah, i got the seven chaos emeralds by the fourth level, and owned Dr.Robotnik (Who's name was changed to eggman because robotnik sounded to russion or somthing) through the rest of the game using Super Sonic.
by Hostile Mushroom August 18, 2005
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Sonic + 7 emeralds = Super Sonic, Created in 1991, way before Dragon Ball Z
collect 50 rings and you become Super Sonic
by Me December 19, 2004
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To vaginal fuck moving your penis all the way in and all the way out as fast as you can
Guy 1:I super sonicced my gf last night
Guy 2:Good on ya mate
by YoutubeWest1132 July 24, 2010
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The type of sex where you give the woman (or man) a big one quickly. Can be enhanced by yelling "SUPER SONIC SPEED"
Charlie: Yo I gave Laura "The Super Sonic" last night
Percy: How did it go?
Charlie: Eh, she liked it. She wanted another one, but I couldn't bust another one.
by NotSoMaximus October 21, 2019
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Also known as s^3, they are a vex robotics team, who every year somehow manges to field excellent robots. The team is the textbook example of winning award regardless of robot performance. I swear they can win excellence and be the worst seeded robot
Driver1: who just won that excellence award?

Driver 2: Super Sonic Sparks, who else

Coach: well that what you get, when you wear cubes on your head
by Hugh Gyrection February 25, 2010
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the gayest glizzy on the menu. only served at soddy daisy sonic
CUSTOMER: Can i get 1 large Super Sonic Sausage please
EMPLOYEE: that will be $20 even pull up to the back door
by El gay El Rod November 16, 2020
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