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Short for "What's up dog?" But which means "What's going on friend?" or "What's the latest news friend?"
Friend 1: Sup dog?
Friend 2: Not much. Sup with you?
Friend 1: Not much. Just chillin.
by Rene Villa April 07, 2003
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an "in-joke" between loz and jess and many other kisschasy fans
does this camera have supdog?
whats supdog?
nothin much, sup with youuuu
by lozdog November 19, 2006
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Garden variety male douche bag. Frequently seen wearing multiple bracelets,several earings,a backward hat,shorts that are way too big,and driving a jacked up jeep wrangler, that most likely belongs to his mom. A Sup Dog will frequently fake some sort of ghetto persona, he is however from an upper middle class,surban family. A fake ghetto frat boy.
That kid Trevor and his friends are a pack of sup dogs.
by Cawilson313 September 04, 2018
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