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You wear the helmet on the 6x6.Bumble bees and lady bugs aren't insects.You ring the bell.Lifejackets are necessary in the 4ft lake.Jumping off trains, perfectly normal.You’re too lazy on the paddle boat and you leave the other poor bastard doing all the work after 5 min.You know you wanna do the unicorn dance.Screw Italian ices - you want the pushup ones!The grumpy lady won't let you in the gift shop.You're the only person back home who's played shuffleboard.You want a gazebo... like now.You steal the room keys.If someone says their week is better than yours, you might just hold them under the bucket in the splash pad until they cry.Watching the talent show is somewhere in the constitution.Wayne's weather predictions are always right, even when they're wrong.Rain doesn't stop you from sitting on playgrounds you don't fit on.You refer to people by room #.Walking up hills isn't as cool as you think.You thought the super slide was 100 ft tall when you were little.You bring $500 and spend it in the game room jukebox.The horn before horse racing is recorded on your phone.Bingo is a competitive sport and eating at the pavillion is a priviledge.Nobody wants to row in boats until you're fishing in the competition and they’re in the way.You enjoy catching the same fish every time.You've passed out at the pavillion at least once.You get excited when the phone in your room rings.
You live on Long Island.You sat through this and cracked up.SUNNYHILL<3
What did you do in Sunny Hill? I was packed into a little yellow convertible with 20 adults and a newborn baby.
by karlakiss3zz March 20, 2011
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A resort in the Catskills where your dad goes golfing and you eat all the grilled cheese sandwiches.
At Sunny Hill, we keep our room key under the mat and think it’s a secret life-hack. Turns out, everyone else thinks so too.
by midyouthcrisis August 21, 2019
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