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A place your heart and mind reside causing a euphoric and uncontrollable feeling of falling madly and hopelessly in love with a person you've met online, causing an extremely and often codependent relationship that supersedes all other needs and entangles both parties involved on the sub particulate level as defined in the quantum physics formula for Quantum Entanglement.

Side effects include (but are not limited to) uncontrollable desire, irrational thought process, lack of sleep, loss of appetite and a relentless need to continuously share daily and seemingly trivial life happenings through texts, messages and photos.

The condition usually starts with a long distance flirt but can quickly escalate to a burning, long lasting love within weeks. Those afflicted often spend months, or even years living in what can only be described as a bubble of their own creation ignoring or even denying the reality around them, often to their own demise.
-Hey have you heard from John?
-No, not in weeks. He's all sungelonia about some chick he met online last month.
by angelo103 August 12, 2015
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