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Sunday Love You: (n.) When the host of a one night stand, typically a man, drops an 'I Love You' in order to hurry a partner out of his dorm room/apartment so that he can get to all the work he's been putting off for Sunday. Generally effective 95% of the time but has been known to miserably backfire. Never to be used on a suspected clinger.
"Dude that chick from the bar was hot, like smash again in the morning when sober and there's light out hot."

"I wish man but I hadn't even started on my Case Study, I had to drop a Sunday Love You."

"Oh sucks, did it work?"

"Yeah she got dressed faster than Jerry Sudansky caught naked at a playground but it was pointless, I spent all Sunday procrasturbating anyway."
by Lil Ads December 05, 2011
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