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the best band ever to come from belle vernon
that band summer aura is so fucking awesome. im gonna go to their website.
by Flex January 14, 2004
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This band died because most of the people in belle vernon hated them with a passion..although their drummer was good, he was an asshole. their singer was monotone and looked like wolverine, their guitarists just talked way to much on stage but i admit were good, their bassist some believe is a troll(we still are not sure if he is or not)
Summer Aura, Cummer Aura...what is the difference.

Hey Cummer, i mean, Summer Aura is up next, lets go out side in the blistering cold weather and freeze our balls off instead of hearing that ear shattering shit summer aura makes up.
by hahahaha nigga March 11, 2005
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