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A Suicide Party is a term used when acknowledging something awful that just happened. It is the easiest way to communicate failure on a local level, such as, in a group.

Literal suicide does not occur.
*Justin Bieber wins Artist of the Year*
Person A - "Dude, Bieber won Artist of the Year."
Person B - "Damn, suicide party?"
Person A - "Yep"
by Dis_Cleavage November 18, 2012
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When a group of not-so-happy individuals get together and drink poison and Kool-Aid, all while watching their partymates slit eachothers' wrists with broken glass shards. Usually participants bring their own form of death, BYOD, but the host of the party will usually provide assorted means of self-mutilation. Actual suicide is optional, attemps are manditory.
Hey I am throwing my annual Suicide Party, you should really come and join us. Remember it is BYOD
by Erock182 October 25, 2008
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gathering of 3 or more depressed people that have sucked at life at one point or another to kill themselves in any variety of ways. may be joined by a beast at life who can murder the depressed persons but this makes it less of a suicide party and more like mass murder
person 1: What a fail! you suck at life!

person 2: i know :( but you failed pretty hard last week

person 3: we all suck at life, we can have a suicide party and kill ourselves
by yourabf July 11, 2010
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