the event in which there is a role reversal between the financial duties of a boyfriend and girlfriend.
Guy 1: Dude John is set for Life!
Guy 2: Yeah his girlfriend will buy him whatever he wants!
Guy 1: I wish i had a sugar mommy
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Pati fauj mein,
Biwi mauj mein.
Whenever the poolboy felt horny,
He went to his Sugar Mommy.
by losttttgirl May 29, 2023
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hey sugar mommie?
yes ashley?
are you a weinberg?
idk son are you a penis?
no im pergante.
by Jerseygirl9998 July 3, 2018
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Transgender (man to woman) that gives blowjobs all the time
i became a sugar mommy ballster
by periodwithtrans January 19, 2023
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