I don't care./I don't give a shit what you think! You don't like what I just did? (so WHAT ARE YOU gonna do about it?) Sue me!
-You can't wear an ACDC t-shirt to your brother's funerals!
-WHY! He loved ACDC!
-It's no appropriate, you can't do this!
-Sue me!
-Sir, you can't drive a vehicle without a door.
-Is that a law, I mean, are you gonna give me a ticket?
-No, it's not a law at this point, but it's unsafe, you can't do it.

-Sue me!


-Man, you can't just walk into my place like that!

- Sue me!
by mod3 April 5, 2014
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A catchphrase of season 9 contestant of RuPaul's Drag Race Nina Bo'Nina Brown.
RuPaul - Nina Bo'Nina Brown Andre Charles, baby you're part of my family now... now, Sashay Away.
Nina - Thank you, Thank you... Sue me.
RuPaul - I think I might!
by Blute April 23, 2020
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An exaggeration of the legal term to literally sue someone.
Oh, just went out for a drink with the lads. Pissed on the carpet, you say? Well, Sue Me!

Oh, I just had a raunchy night with your best friend, Bob? I wasn't in my own my at the time Sue Me!

*keep in mind there are better examples than this*
by BulletBadger January 18, 2018
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I'm an American, so sue me.
by Light Joker March 6, 2006
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Phrase/sentence used to express aloofness for another. It is meant to mitigate a situation by bluffing it to be a bigger deal than it is.

Origin: This phrase/sentence was commonly used in the 1990s by students after the proliferation of legal litigation's in the media against large corporations.

The most notable examples that accelerated this phrase/sentence would be the people rising to sue large corporations such as McDonald's. People suing each other for little conflicts has also strengthened the use of the phrase.

However, in the 2000s, the RIAA's strike back, suing even children, has brought "so sue me" it a abrupt stop.
Person 1: Dude, stop stealing my curly fries. I hate it with a passion!
Person 2: So sue me.
Person 1: Aiyah, whatever.
by 881 February 21, 2006
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The best thing to say to a teacher when she bitches at you for not doing your homework. Accompanied usually by double flipping the birds. Is COMPLETELY worth a detention/suspension for the pure satisfaction it brings a student.
Bitchy Teacher: Yo Jim where yo hw at dawg
You: SUE ME, BITCH! n1n o.o n1n
by The blackest nerd March 8, 2011
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a giant wave that can wipe out lots of land
"a tsunami (sue-nah-me)! ):"
by cohenPirate June 12, 2018
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