Something I want hot babes to do to me
Me: suck my dick
Hot babes: blowblowblowblowblow

Hot babes like sucking my dick
by Jonson McNally November 23, 2019
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you dont care about that person or what they have to say
ex 1

Teacher- hey Ryan stop talking in class
Ryan- suck my dick

ex 2
Princple comes on the intercome

Principle starting tomorrow there will be no more pateo time for the rest of the year
Student- Mrs Jackson can suck my dick she is making me mad.
by the realist nigga alive October 14, 2014
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It informs people you have an erection, and wish for your penis to be sucked.
Hello young lady, would you be as so kind as to SUCK MY DICK?
by TeeHee June 27, 2004
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okay so as a female i say suck my dick frequently and lots of people reply with "u dont have one." suck my dick is actually an expression meaning a more polite version of 'go fuck urself no one cares.'
Susan - Woah Kelly ur such a thot

Kelly - go suck my dick Susan!
by ladiessuckmydick August 14, 2018
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What you say to people when you have the desire for a blowjob. Also what to say to people who piss you off and that you hate when they get on your nerves and attack you.
Fuck you, commie bastard. Suck my Dick!

A Submitted joke: From "Suck My Dick"
Your so stupid that you needed directions when you jumped off the Sears Tower.
by Suck My Dick November 30, 2004
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A less time consuming way of saying, "GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU STUPID MOTHER FUCKING COCKSUCKER!!!!", when you are less than pleased with them.
Person #1 says: "Hey asshole, you owe me some fucking money!!!"
Person #2 responds: "You ain't gettin it, so SUCK MY DICK."
by Streaks August 7, 2006
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