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Much like the action of a sucker punch (where you unexpectedly punch someone in the gut), to sucker dick a person is to either penetrate and/or slap them with your dick whilst they least expect it.
1. Man, I totally sucker dick-ed Jane last night, she was not expecting it at all!

2. "Hey, so is sucker dicking like rape?"

" Nah, it's more like when you're cuddling in bed with your girlfriend and you put in while she doesn't

expect it. It's also when she's crouching or on her knees and you smack her with your dick."

"Oh. Sweet."

3. "And on his tombstone it shall be written, 'Here lies _________: Caring Father, Loving Husband, Sucker Dick Champion".
by Hostrodamus July 08, 2015
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