When somebody is being annoying saying suck your mom is like saying fuck off but more affective and insulting.
U think ur funny ye? Go suck your mom you dickhead
by Young webb March 18, 2021
just suck your mom why dont ya👍🏼
oh suck your mom
by yourmom20222 January 8, 2022
a word used by a lot of roadmen and they would say it to offend and then the person would take offence.
person 1- suck your mom blud
Person 2 - oi you talken about my mom fuck of
by Ella Wootton March 3, 2021
A comeback to say if bitches complain about you. Put childish people in their place and let them know you're not having it if they can't accept what you're wearing, what you like, etc.
Person 1: You don't eat pie on Thanksgiving? You're lame as fuck!
Person 2: Suck your mom's tits if you can't accept that.
by Ausllyology January 18, 2019
Made by Haise and HeatWave, it's the best word to bully's, trust me.
Person: You suck Me: SUCK YOUR MOM
Ha, ive got your tea SUCK YOUR MOM
by HeatWaveSS August 10, 2018