The night that you spend with people you dont care enough about to spend with on Christmas Eve
" Hey Frank would you like to come to my eve of the eve party"
"Sure Bill I would love to, hey do you have those reports on the Jefferson Plan?'
by AbbyCakes05 December 29, 2010
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The day before Christmas Eve Eve Eve, 4 days before Christmas. Usually any Eve's earlier than this time are unnecessary, and by this point you should have all gift shopping done. Otherwise you are doomed!
I'm glad I got all my shopping done before Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve, it made things so much easier on everyone.
by Vinnymac567 December 27, 2010
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Eve is the best person you will ever meet, and she will be your best friend for ever. You are really lucky if you have a Eve as a girlfriend sister family member or even bestie.Eve will always be there to be your supporter and will give you the best hugs. When Eve leaves for a new school or anything else you wont find anyone like her.If you are planning a sleepover or a party and you know a Eve she would be the first person you would invite,And she is so funny.Treat your Eve well she will never come back if you lose her!!
If you have a Eve you are so lucky

P.S she is kinda crazy
by peace12345 July 31, 2018
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Honestly nobody I’ve met has the same name as me. I can’t even find my name in a key chain lmao
“You know eve is a cool Name but I’ve only heard it in the bible.”
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A very nice girl who has a really good sense of humor and loves to have fun. She is also quiet, kind and really caring. She would always try to make everything better even if nothing is going right for her. She is not really open with anybody and trys to keep everything hidden and thats why she always trys to keep a smile. She is very pretty usually denies it. She can be shy sometimes, especially around someone she likes but can also be really loud to. She has a habit of taking on more than she can handle but end up pulling through .
Girl: hey Eve what's up
Eve: oh I have a art project due Thursday, going swimming later, I have to train the dog, and I have to study for my book report due Tuesday and have to pick up my cousin at the rink at 7:00, you?
Girl: uhh....
by Oscar234A January 19, 2016
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A girl who looked up her name and is laughing at how silly others definitions are
Adam and Eve are the meaning of “life
by yellw March 5, 2019
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Acronym for Exhaustingly Vigorous Sex.
Scott: "I couldn't get to sleep last night because Matt & Jenny were having EVS."
Ivan: "Sucks bro"

Boston: Had EVS last night"
Cole: "cap."
by Da House December 4, 2020
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