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1. "...a scandal that we've been referring to as 'Stupid Watergate', because it has all the potential consequences of Watergate but everyone involved is REALLY stupid."

A term coined by John Oliver on his HBO topical political commentary series 'Last Week Tonight' referring to the criminal conspiracy (collusion) involving Donald J. Trump Sr and Russian operatives to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

The term illustrates how inept and laughably transparent the involved members of Donald Trump's campaign and transition (including DJT) were at both perpetrating said crimes, and covering them up after the fact.
I can't believe how f***ing obvious the ties between Trump & Russia are, and how incredibly obvious these goons attempts at a coverup are. How the hell does 'House of Cards' seem more like an actual corrupt presidential administration and this farce of an administration seem like a laughably cheap over the top parody. Literally "Stupid Watergate."
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by Nostradumas January 04, 2018
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