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Rap Group that originated in Dallas by two rappers, Shaky(who at the time was new to rap) and his best friend/mentor Infinite. It started as a group of 4, but over the time Stupid Inc. was slowly fading and Shaky left Dallas to Chicago is hence almost forgotten. The two original members Infinite and his brother reside in their home town were Infinite is still rapping better than ever. As for Shaky, returning to his hometown of Chicago, he's still trying to get his game together and is still on the writing phase. Although not fully established, Stupid Inc. will eventually be soon make a name for themselves, whether it's as Stupid Inc. or the MC's individually.
Guy: who's Stupid Inc? You mention it in alot of your writing, aren't you Shaky?
Shaky: it's a rap group that i started with my bro Infinite in Dallas, I'm still rep Stupid Inc aside of the circumstances.
by ShadowakaShaky January 05, 2014
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