A club of “Carolina Squatted” trucks only allowing homosexual members with squatted trucks.

1. MUST be gay.
2. MUST have a “Carolina Squatted Truck
3. MUST kiss your “homeboys” on the lips at every greeting and farewell.
“Aye bro *Smooches homies lips* I just joined the Stunna Empire BITCHHHHH I’m getting dicked down tonight.”
by GaOnMyCranium January 13, 2021
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A Notorious truck group who runs around saying stunnna empire bitchhhhhh and very superior of Five Star creations .
It’s stunna empire bitchhhhhhhh.
by Stunna4x August 12, 2020
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Stunna empire is the top truck group around

"Stunna empire" is known for getting all the hoes at a truck meet, they also have the best trucks in the game.
Dope illustrations pulls up to Daytona and quickly realize their girl just left them for a dude with stunna empire on his back glass!
Stunna empire is the best around...
by Straight up September 29, 2020
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