When a boy is flirting with a woman through the use of a video game
“Hey Kristina. You trynna hop on stumble guys?”
“Fuck no”
by CharliemcdookieNickle May 8, 2022
An activity in which a group of men have gay sex whilst shouting vulgar words.
Hey bro wanna do stumble guys?
Dude we're in class
by Mr C. White March 26, 2022
Very rough sex with two or more gay leprechauns all being vegans with liquid gold as lubricant and preformed in a pot of gold. Both of who ages added up to 30 yrs old.
zoomer slang for aggressive animal sex, often used by males who are fond of Stumble Guys and bestiality.
“Hey bro, wanna hop on stumble guys later?”

“Sure, I just have to lubricate my dog Kelly first”
by Gay Stumble Guys Sex October 3, 2022
When you get really angry and witty mode over a game
"Dont get heated over stumble guys"
by silvergamezdic3 August 28, 2022