Someone that isn't afraid of others, to express his honest opinions even if it's not like the majority and who isn't afraid to express himself. People with strong personalities are often someone known as agressive or scary to others.
Jenny isn't afraid to express herself even if they don't agree with her! She has a strong personality.
by Chrystalakajiminswifey May 28, 2018
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an aggressive person; a difficult person, a bitch
She has a strong personality
by younice February 19, 2006
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I wish to stress that this record in no way endorses a belief in the occult.
That's being revised!
Even as we speak we're synthesizing blood and organs
Synthesizing heart and soul
Even Katy Perry knows you're dead (Oh no)
Won't she be surprised!
When we get your heart to start tomorrow
When you see the chart tomorrow you'll be number one
(Oh no, oh no)

Due to my strong personal convictions (Due to my strong personal convictions)
I wish to stress (I wish to stress)
That this record (That this record)
In no way endorses (In no way endorses)
A belief in the occult (A belief in the occult)
by rAnBoOLeMoNdEmOnEnJoYeRalsogay February 13, 2023
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