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Actor Sylvester Stalone's instructions to a young female production assistant.

Common phrase used casually (by crew mostly) in the Vancouver film community. Derived from the true story of once during the filming of a Sylvester Stalone movie in Vancouver, Stalone went to his trailer for a break during production. He invited a young inexperienced female production assistant, and subsequently forgot to turn off his hidden microphone. (hidden microphones are attached to an actors body and use a battery pack to transmit recorded audio. They are used to record actor dialogue in scenes where boom mics are inappropriate ie, high motion scenes)

Realizing Stalone forgot to turn his microphone off, a sound engineer for the movie broadcasted the live feed from the mic over a set of speakers outside the trailer for the entire production crew to hear. As the legend goes, the first audible words to come from the speakers were "oh yea, stroke the shaft cup the balls". True story.
"Stroke the shaft, cup the balls" - Sylvester Stalone
by Kris Perry March 27, 2007
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