People that help bands, by giving out flyers, handing out CDs/freebies and sticking up posters.

They do this because they like the band so much or they can get benefits such as free merchandise.
by moshinggoth November 18, 2008
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A concept introduced by music labels that consists of getting naive teenagers to do their marketing work for free.
"If I hand out these 3,000 (bandname) flyers by tomorrow I may get to meet the band next year for the thirty seconds it takes them to walk from the venue to a waiting cab. Bet you wish you were a street teamer. "
by datsdatoof July 1, 2005
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a group of ppl who really really love a band and decide to promote it on their own time and they reep the benifits-- bombs away baby
by kate March 7, 2005
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Street teams are devices used by bands to get kids who enjoy their music to promote them at gigs and give out random flyers and stickers and stuff.

Basically this entails you signing a contract stating that you become their bitch, and one becomes the band's pack mule for all their dirty work.
Anybody who gets roped into a band's street team is gullible/unemployed.
by Fredulom June 16, 2007
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a bunch of people who do stuff for bands because they are not good at singing or using musical instruments
street teamer #1: hey guys, im gonna street team that telegraph pole!
street teamer #2: i ate all of the flyers!
by billy bam September 7, 2005
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An elite group of tight individuals from the UK.
The cream of society with a passion for ballin out of control.
Yo, check out the Street Team on the dance floor... yeah they got mad flava
by AJ Gillies December 7, 2006
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