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A Street Rossi is a motorcycle rider driving on public roads who has succumbed to the delusion of thinking he/she has the riding abilities of Valentino Rossi. In the wild, they can be found on public roads riding at 110 mph in a 35, performing aggressive 3-lane changes with no blinker (and cutting off a cager in the process), or - most likely - on the ground in the middle of the road with their bike in 100 pieces. While this person may be mistaken for a squid, they actually have a higher chance of wearing a helmet, due to their desire to look like a racer. The helmet likely sports a highlighter-yellow color along with Monster logo stickers, racing stripes, or triangles like Valentino Rossi's helmet.
"The Street Rossi stickers are in!! Guys I'm so f**king excited about these I had to slap one on my helmet." - Yammie Noob (a.k.a. Proud Street Rossi)

"A Street Rossi blew past me doing 100 on Main Street today. I caught up with him, though. He was stuck head-first in the window of the 7-11."
by Rebel-96 January 04, 2019
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