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A girl who seems nice at first only to turn out to be a mega-bitch.

Other common charter flaws include:
dick tease
compulsive nag
make out whore
light weight drunk
mega flirt
super bitch
anal bitch
Guy1) Damn. What do you think about that girl.
Guy2) Don't even think about it. She's straight tich
Guy1) Whatever. Hey Girl! What's up?

Bitch) Nothin' just walkin' (nice)

Guy1) What are you doin' tonight? You should come hang with us.

Bitch) Why so I can hold the camera for your gay porno? Which one of you bends over and takes it from the other or do you trade turns? (mega-bitch)

Guy1) Damn! She is a BITCH!
by West Omaha Thug October 30, 2009
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