Someone who is, in the full sense of the word, a pussy
Guy #1: Bro did you see Nolan today??
Guy #2: Yeah he's a Straight Pussy.
by The Mac Daddy Yall December 19, 2018
the opposite of dicking around, being extremely productive, using your time wisely, stubborn
"Bro, quit being so pussy straight and just chill."
"Damn that nigga so pussy straight, he did all his homework two nights before."
"Michael's to pussy straight for his own good."
by pussy straight February 23, 2015
when a person says hes hard and a real nigga but softer than a pillow. 2when you're scared to get your ass beat
jay jones is straight pussy . he slangs he's hard but he wont come see me
by real toughguy January 26, 2015