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The style is characterized by a combination of heavy use of rhyme combined with a bludgeon like use of simile and metaphor.

A common and identifying feature in all Stowic poetry is the use of Anapestic tetrameter. Often used in Stowic poems with solemn themes, this often results in an unintended comic effect to the poem.

This unintentional irony is a feature which makes Stowic poetry so difficult to replicate. When consciously attempting to add both irony and a childish simplicity to a poem, the effort to which the author has gone is invariably apparent.

The origins of Gary Stow's poetry can be found, according to an interview, in The Rose That Grew from Concrete by Tupac Shakur. (Unverified)
Here is an example of stowic poetry:


Now that we are separate
And I am all alone.
I'm walking down this path
In search of a brand new home.
No love is lost between us
Because I have spiritually grown.
Forever we will be friends
And never again alone.

Stow (2006
by Crazylegs Tucker March 11, 2008
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