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A ceased pool of a town, home to two packing plants that stink up the city and pollute the lake. The packing plants have brought drugs and illegal immigrants to the town. The State of Iowa threw 33 million dollars to help clean it up by building a hotel/waterpark. Known as "the mistake by the lake," King's Pointe Resort hasnt made a profit yet and will not ever.
Due to the criminal population, Storm Lake's Police force is an over-aggressive bunch of 18 year old crybabbies who shake in their boots as they arrest the innocent college kids who reside there rather than the ex-con from south Chicago. Giving the town the slogan, "come on vacation, leave on probation."
You can't polish a tard.
Throwing $33 million at Storm Lake, Iowa was a waste of taxpayers money.
by bigredkahuna March 13, 2011
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