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A stoner movie is a movie that has to do with weed and is really funny usually only stoners like these movies.
Some examples of stoner movies are Half Baked, Friday, and Up In Smoke.
by BobbyBanana March 17, 2007
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Movies involving drugs (mainly marijuana). All people do in these movies are smoke weed and make corny jokes and stupid pranks which are not funny. Only stoners watch these movies mainly and these movies never win any awards because they just suck and not many people want to watch them.

There is absolutely no sense of realism in these movies. If people who play the characters in the movies actually come to life, then they would be ignored in real life and shunned down for their stupidity and lack of intelligence.
Person 1: Hey man, wanna hang out at travis's place and watch Half Baked?

Person 2: Whats that?

Person 1: A Stoner Movie

Person 2: No thanks, you stoners go ahead and enjoy the 'comic' action.
by WhyDiesel June 30, 2009
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