The ultimate state of mind. After hits of the finest ganja this state comes on. You feel like your in the same world but everything is funny, round and movie like. You might get a bit panicky and walk around trying to be sober but your just fucking gone! Licking your lips makes you feel like an old man and time is slow as hell. You make the best quotes in the world and you feel everything is about now. If you get really stoned you may feel like your house/town is the biggest place in the world, everything is oing on now. You feel like your watchin yaself
Mate 1: maaatteee i think ive missed something important
Mate 2: your college interview
Mate 1: what?
Mate:2: ahaha stoned!
Mate 1:my bus is gone!
by BombayBonghits October 09, 2010
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Being made helpless and having many stones/rocks thrown at you until death.
by Buh February 21, 2003
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just get a gravity bong (you wont cough, dont worry you beginers) and take 5 fat hits right after another. you will KNOW what "stoned" is.
breathe in the air, hold it in like youre holding your breath, and keep it like that until your brain starts feeling funny, you are now stoned
by rob June 27, 2003
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1. The highest form of "spacing out" known to man, normally comes after smoking enough marijuana.

2. The third part in a three part cycle during the smoking of marijuana/pot (buzzed, high, stoned). Generally the weirdest point, where even the lines dividing lanes on the road can become the most interesting thing you've ever seen. Also that can be included as side effects random laughing, munchies, and just overall spaced out.

1. I was so stoned that I just stared at the T.V. for 3 hours straight not realizing what the fuck was going on around me.

2. "Yo, Tim did you get stoned man?"

"Hellz yeah, I couldn't help but stare at your family portrait for two hours while just sporadically laughing my ass off. Damn that picture must have a spell on it or some shit."

3. "So like I was saying, wait, what was I saying?"
by RAWR...Lolz April 13, 2009
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whereafter smoking marijuana your senses are distorted in a unique way. Colours, sounds and tastes become significantly more engaging. Being stoned may also lead to increased creativity, or erratic behaviour. Negative effects may include: Red eyes, decreased motivation, coordination, and/or an inhability to form comprehendable sentances. However effects vary increasingly according to form/strain of marijuana used.
I was so stoned the other night i couldnt even chew my own finger.
by Corporal_Clegg December 08, 2009
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the state i'm in at the moment. i'm almost positive it has different definitions for everyone, because everyone experiences a high differently. for me, i start thinking about ways to solve all the worlds problems or say something and laugh and then forget what i was laughing about. in this state, music sounds amplified and you feel like you're "in it". i find myself unable to not move to the music. but thats just me. everything becomes exponentially funnier. sometimes, you even hallucinate at this stage and see mickey mouse like i have. your limbs feel really heavy like rocks, hence the name "stoned" basically, the only way for you to really understand the definition is to get to this state yourself. so toke up !
"OH MY GOD LISTEN TO THIS" what ? "oh.. i forgot. i had a plan to save the seagulls but i forgot cus i'm stoned."
by brendabong November 01, 2009
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