A commonly misused word. Many people mistake being stoned for taking sissy hits of poor quality herb (usually mooched off someone else) and acting like an intolerable idiot. Frequently, this type of person (referred to as a poser) will annoyingly attempt to exaggerate the stereotypical psychoactive effects of the drug. The poser frequently pretends to be dazed or confused, purposely talks with a slur, laughs at things that aren’t funny, makes inane statements, and most offensive of all shamelessly exclaims something to the order of “Dude, I’m sooooo stooooned! I’m soooo cooool! Wooo hooo party!” The poser usually has no regard for accepted rules of smoking etiquette, and generally gives a bad reputation to those who appreciate smoking.

One who knows what it’s all about (referred to as a badass) enjoys being stoned for more introspective reasons. The badass feels an increased understanding of his or her surroundings, gains insight into human nature, and has a heightened appreciation for fine music, art, aesthetics and ideas. Although the badass is more than happy to savor this state of mind alone, he or she also enjoys partaking in interesting conversation about the aforementioned insights with other likeminded individuals. The badass observes accepted rules of proper smoking etiquette, including his or her right to exclude posers from a session. Contrary to popular belief, this type of person can be successful, well educated, and can hold esteemed jobs or positions in the community.
"Dude I'm sooooo stoned right now! HAHAHAHA!"
"No you're not, you're an idiot, get the fuck out of my house"
by Allen C January 22, 2007
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when you smoke so much marijuana that you are unmotivated to even move- and every muscle in your body feels like it's being weighed down by a huge weight like a stone (hence the word STONED) you feel really heavy and have intense, very enjoyable tactile hallucinations and usually feel complete euphoria so you just stare off blankly and enjoy it.
I'm stoned. go away

I've never actually been stoned before. I've been very very high but never been ACTUALLY stoned.

wow. no one here besides me knows what "stoned" actually means do they?
by yummy mustard February 12, 2006
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Extremely high off indica weed. Indica has muscle relaxers and natural pain killers which gives you a major body high, when you have a major body high you feel like your numb, heavy, relaxed, calm, and/or tired. When your indica high(say you smoked some purple kush) you will be sitting on the couch heavy as a stone(hence the "stone" in stoned), also it can blur your vision and give extreme euphoric feelings and elevated thinking.
If you are high on sativa weed it wouldn't be a stoned type of high it would be more head high, head highs are more about thoughts then feelings in your body. The euphoric aspect of sativa is a lot less intense than indica. The feelings of sativa are upper related, sensitive touches feel great, you feel light as a feather(hence the word high, meaning people feel like they are floating), hyped, energetic, and/or awake.
1.Ay Cuhz I'm stoned as fuc!
2.Dude! Wow! I'm so stoned i cant get off the couch man!
3.Orale, I homez i need to get stoned.
by CeeCrazzy July 13, 2009
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The state of mind in which an individual's Mind bonds with the chemical THC, usually by smoking Marijuana Buds, and sometimes eaten. In effect causing Euphiora,Hunger,Paranoia,Short-Term memory loss and thinking everything is funny
Yo, im so fucking stoned that the cat just told me a secret
by Samer Slim November 13, 2005
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when one's smoked enouug marijuana so that he/she doesn't care what others are talking about. user is his own world where everything others talk seems funny.
"I was so fuckin stoned that i din't care what shit others were talkin"..
by abackle November 15, 2006
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when someone is so fucking high that when they get up to take a dump they forgot why they walked into their bathroom and they start talking to themselves in the mirror
we found john in the bathroom with his pants down talking to himself. he was fuckin stoned.
by robert rectum February 24, 2009
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Expanding the mind, your world, and lungs full of beautiful herb until you feel that wonderful feeling of sAtiSfAcTiOn, zZzZzZzZz, MAY YOUR THOUGHTS BE FILLED WITH PEACEFUL THOUGHTS, ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZz
(its 4 in the morning)
"ok,....goodnight computer"
" so very stoned, goodnight computer"
by Hippielover October 16, 2006
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