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Stoned? or High?

For myself I think lots of people get the meanings for being stoned and being high mixed up and or just wrong.

Stoned is when you have smoked weed .... as in Mary Jane, Marijuana, Cannabis, Bud, Chronic and the list could go on. Many people also say that weed is a drug but its not its really a cooking spice that started out from India. But the only time you would become Stoned is from smoking weed in one of the many different ways to smoke it such as joint, bong, pipe, gravity Bong, Third Lung and Vapor.

High Is when you do a drug. A drug Is a man made chemical that affects your blood system and the rest of your body making you high. Drugs such as Crystal Meth / jiibb, Heroin / Down, MDMA / E, Acid, Crack / Rock, Cocaine / powder / soft... those are the main Chemicaly man made Drugs that get you high
-"I dont know which I like to do more... get Stoned? or High?"

-"Want to go blazed a fattie joint and get hella Stoned?"

-"I went to this rave and popped 4 tabs of acid and I was tripping for hours dude"

-"Lets smoke a bowl of jibb"

-"How do you do your Heroin in order to get High? How do you smoke it? Or shoot it?
by MentalBloody July 26, 2014
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