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An international school located in Stockholm, Sweden. Superior teaching to North American schools, but you better be ready to work, because you will be required to do around 15 hours of homework a week at the highest level of the school. Grades are out of seven, but also sometimes out of eight, or six, or ten, now try comparing marks from class to class. Consists of a primary school, the MYP program (Middle Years program, grades 6 to 10) and the DP program (Diploma program, grades 11 and 12). Fun games to play include 'name that accent' as many students have either lived in multiple countries and have a mixed accent or were taught English by someone from a different country. The food is fairly good, better then the local Swedish schools at least, and there can be anything from fish, to another kind of fish, to pasta, to hamburgers. The MYP and DP students have Macbook Air's supplied by the school so they tend to travel in groups when going from the main building of the school to the

annex so as not to get mugged. Just kidding of course, Stockholm is a very safe city, but walking around with a laptop in plain view sort of screams 'rich kid'. Overall a very good school.
"I am going to attend Stockholm International School."
"I attend Stockholm International School."
"I attended Stockholm International School."
"I got kicked out of Stockholm International School."
"I climbed the roof of the annex of Stockholm International School."
"I failed Swedish at Stockholm International School because it is an impossible language and it's not fair how the Norwegian and Danish kids are so good at it."
by SIS Student November 26, 2013
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