A female who cannot stand not having the "d" at all times; clingy af.
by Sexual Potatoes August 6, 2016
That stick bitch needs to get something to eat.
by C Lou September 2, 2007
another term for the casual golf caddy at the local country club or golf course. can also be used as a verb( stick bitching)
I was the only stick bitch out on the course the other day.
by emagdnim1 September 6, 2007
Usually it's telling someone to pick up a video game controler and play, it could mean pick up a lighter and hit a bong toke though, or if you to just tell someone to do something that they should already be doing, or having been told to do it already and lack the capacity to do so themselves without being yelled at.
Person 1 : "Do you wanna play video games?"

person 2 : "Yea, sure"

Person 1 : "Well then PICK UP THEM STICKS, BITCH!"
by Tower June 13, 2007
The Bitch Stick is a car with an Automatic Transmission with the capabilities of shifting without a clutch.

i.e. - Tiptronic, Touchshift, Steptronic, Geartronic
Arturo: My new ride has both a manual and automatic transmission.

Jose: Man, quit being a pussy and learn to drive with a clutch. You ain't got nothing but a bitch stick in that ride.
by EscaVi from SD April 1, 2009
"nah, I don't smoke Bitch Stick's its strictly weed for me these days"
by thatshitTai March 12, 2012
Automatic transmission, doesn't have the manliness of a direct engine-transmission linkage like a manual. Easier to use than a manual, good for lazy people, not as capable (performancewise) as a manual-transmission car. Not to be confused with Bitch Stick, a device used to beat women.
"Man I got bitchslapped by a bitch-stick!"

"Dude take your car and burn it, now."
by Crunkonius November 11, 2005