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A little shit hole town in Tennessee and "shit hole" is an understatement at that. There's more "burnouts" there than a drag strip gets gets in a year. All there is to do is get drunk, smoke weed, and get into fights. Everyone is two faced and wont blink twice before stabbing you in the back. Compiling all of this together in one place should be a nation warning and shut off from the normal human world.

Heaven > Hell > Stewart County, TN
College student #1: "hey dude so where you from?"

College student #2: "Stewart County..."

College student #1: "OUCH!!!!! I'm sorry for your luck."

College student #2: "yeah I know. All I learned from that school was how to make a gravity bong and how to play beer pong."

College student #1: "shit happens dude."
by burnoutz4life? May 08, 2011
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