what the power puff girls were almost named
sugar,spice and everything nice these were the ingredients to make the perfect little girls but then professor eutonium accidental added a can of whoopass and thus the whoopass girls were born
they came from whoopass stew ig
by ray_the_bi_man February 12, 2022
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A stew made with a hint of barley, hint of bay leaf, hint of garlic, pinch of basil.
Hint of Barley, Hint of Bay Lead, Hint of Garlic, Pinch of Basil and you have Witch Stew
by October 22, 2020
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A load of laundry containing only boxers and/or briefs.
Matt: "Hey Ed, want to go get a beer?"
Ed: "Can't right now. I am in the middle of brewing a fresh batch of undie stew. Maybe later."
by Latino Caliente September 11, 2010
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an orgy with all females
i’m going to a vagina stew at the playboy mansion tonight
by a k August 2, 2021
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In New Orleans, women put the blood of their menstrual cycle in a stew. When the man eats it, it is supposed to keep them faithful.
Man Tyrone cheated on me again. I better make some voodoo stew.
by Skordi39 February 23, 2022
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An actual legend that is a big brain
🅱️eter stew is such a legend he should promote Jon to big brain council
by 102 large haha November 21, 2019
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