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A porno involving Steven Seagal. Some famous pornos of him were Out for an Orgy, Hard to Penetrate, and Buddha or Bust. In these pornos, Steven Seagal is most known for dropping up to a gallon of semen on Japanese girls when the scene is almost over. That's assuming he doesn't choke them out first. You'll know for sure that you're watching a Steven Seagal porno if you hear crazy techno music in the background - music you can only dance to in a speedo. Most of these were made in the 80's but there are a few that were made past 1990 and even into the 2000s!

In short, it's a porno featuring Steven Seagal as the star.
Well I spent my Thursday evening watching a Steven Seagal Porno. It was the one where he goes into the gym wearing only his underwear and fucks every girl in the cardio section except for this obese one.
by Nosferatu1488 March 12, 2010
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