To be very very very cool and able to do any thing
man you are so like steve mcqueen

thanks, I know I am.
by Sam Horse July 22, 2006
1. the King of Cool.

2. A man known for his cool wit, confidence, motorcycle skill, blue eyes, and being a badass.

3. Actor who starred in Bullitt, The Magnificent Seven, The Thomas Crown Affair, Papillon, and The Great Escape, among other films.
Between seducing Faye Dunaway, escaping from a Nazi prison camp, driving a sweet '68 Mustang Fastback, escaping a South American prison camp, and fighting off Mexican bandits, Steve McQueen is the shit.
by TheTempest January 30, 2009
Star of the film Bullitt (1968). Cooler than rice milk and sand diapers, Steve McQueen is known mostly in my circles by his outstanding driving abilities and detective work.
I tell all the ladies that I'm Steve McQueen, but they don't know how cool that is.
by David M Kline April 29, 2008
verb: sexual act involving vomiting in a woman's vagina. Can be intentional or unintentional. Bonus points if the vagina belongs to a stripper.
OMG! He pulled a Steve McQueen! I guess whiskey, cool whip, and sweaty vagina don't mix too well!
by MrDoctorDave September 13, 2009
a loud crack head, who likes fat girls and loves white cock in his ass, he's a also a kfc worker.. also has stupid jokes that he laughs at alone
guy: yo steve what did u do yesterday?

steve: I got steve mcqueen
by hozan zaza July 12, 2007
A sexual roleplay technique where the man pretends to be legendary actor and cool guy Steve McQueen. The man will wear nothing but a cowboy hat and boots with a toothpick in his mouth. Then he gets rope and ties the woman’s limbs down to each corner of the bed spreading her out. Steve McQueen then takes his leather belt, no less than 10 inches wide and 3 inches thick. He then whips the girl’s tits with the buckle end of the belt as hard as he can for about 3 minutes. Steve McQueen then ties the belt around the woman’s neck and proceeds to throat fuck her. Then right before he cums he pulls out of her mouth and cums on the belt. He then unwraps it from her neck and ties it around her waist. He then unties her and releases her from the bed.
The Steve McQueen Cum Machine is a real doozy
by ASDFFDSA12344321 May 7, 2021