A person who only enjoys food in a buffet style. Many times this leads to an exracurricular bathroom experience. A "stephen" might also enjoy things such as fishing and farming. This person uses terms and phrases such as "neat", "wonderful", and "I'll bet my bottom dollar."
by Blahblahyipyip February 22, 2019
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Surprisingly fat for one who plays so much sport.
Guy 1 "Is Stephen joining us for dinner? "
Guy 2 "That fat bastard can't even fit through the front door these days"
Guy 1 "Oh yeah...diabetic prick!"
by Joe Crockest December 19, 2019
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a psycopathic person who thinks highly of himself and shares a youtube channel with two other people.
RP: hey, isnt that stephen?

RP2: yeah, it is!
by Shollie November 03, 2019
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Stephen is an absolute gem. Everyone loves Stephen, he's the best person I know and he never fails to put a smile on my face.
I can't wait to see Stephen, he's the Honeybun to my Toffee crisp
by toffeecrisp September 26, 2018
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stephen is different. he is one of those guys who truly makes you happy. he is so amazing that you believe you don't deserve him and he will tell you that you’re wrong. stephen is talented beyond belief, it’s crazy. you’ve never been one to care about guitars or pianos but listening to him talk about them intrigues you. stephen is also very charming and charasmatic and has an amazing personality. he’s also really attractive and sweet. he’s not one to show his feelings which just part of him but he will never give up on you. if you meet stephen, never let him go because he geuninely is the most amazing person i know.
i hope my marriage deal with Stephen lasts.
by chickennuggets_ February 04, 2019
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the biggest asshole you will ever meet

he is mean and completely unfair

he will hurt you any way he can

he gets joy out of causing people pain

stay away from him!
Girl1: OMG i hate him omg!! *crying*
Girl2: forget about him, he is such a stephen
by mrs.heartache April 29, 2011
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