A dance that is so spastic it can be compared to a kangroo searching for its joey.

Often results in muscle or bone injury.

Recently seen as the choice of dance for the Kardashian family.
This girl is a crazy dancer, look at how she does the Stefani.

Woo! Calm down girl you finna pull a muscle doing that Stefani.
by TheRealGwen August 29, 2009
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She has red brown hair dark brown eyes that look like black holes. She is fun loving but not afraid to kick ass if she needs to. She is a rebel and trouble maker. She is protective of her friends even though she seems distant at times. She loves adventure and will drag her friends into things and sometimes get them in trouble. She Is also really funny and overall a great friend.
Let's go hang out with Stefani
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by Heyimbored123 August 26, 2019
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An all-around, average kind of person. Well, not average actually. Has a good but weird sense of humour, likes doing poop related things and fun stuff. Someone you'd wanna be friends with.
"Look at that crowd over there. The only person I can tell different from others is that one throwing poo. It's Stefani!"
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by soaked taint April 17, 2019
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