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Steel Pole Bath Tub were a punk/noise/experimental rock trio from San Francisco, CA. Formed in 1986, their recording history began in 1987 with the self-released "We Own Drrrills." They then released 5 LPs and EPs on Boner records, and many 7" singles on labels such as Boner, Sympathy for the Record Industry, and Tupelo before releasing their first and only major label album, "Scars From Falling Down" on Slash Records in 1995. Following this, Slash dropped them upon hearing their demos for the followup to "Scars...", calling the demos "unlistenable". SPBT broke up after this. Years later, SPBT won the rights to these demos and released them on their own label as their final album, calling the record "Unlistenable".

Steel Pole Bath Tub is closely related to a music/noise project called Milk Cult, who have released 3 bizarre full length records, 1 weird live album, one 7" split single, and 1 confounding solo record from Milk Cult member C. C. Nova.

Mike Morasky - Guitars, Vocals
Dale Flattum - Bass, Vocals, Art
DK Mor-X: Drums
Steel Pole Bath Tub played 20 minutes of noise, tape loops, and samples at the end of their set. It was cathartic and masterful sound manipulation. Many in the audience were blown away by their raw, edgy, hyper, sludgy set. A lot of the kids didn't get it though.
by TheDBP June 24, 2010
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