The act of wiping your ass with your finger, then proceeding to wipe the shit in a person's eye rendering them blind and causing them to traverse there-after like Stevie Wonder.
Suzie: how did your date with Ronnie go?
Sarah: fantastic, until he gave me a Steamy Wonder!!
by SirSteamyWonder69 November 22, 2020
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when youre sick, and you poop, and its not quite solid, but more like soft serve.
"dude, i have a wicked bad case of the creamy steamies."
by emo_pinata December 09, 2008
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The act of pouring hot steamy coffee on one's own dick, then having a female immediately eat a peppermint patty and then begin to give you a blowjob.
Bro 1: "Yo, bro beans, did she give you The Hot Steamy Coffee Cool Down last night?"

Bro 2: "Yeah dude! At first it hurt like shit, and then you're like oh shit, my dick is in peppermint heaven!"

Bro 1: "AW that's sick man! I for sure need to try that sometime!"
by BoBoBaggins November 30, 2012
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