When intercourse occurs inside a shower (sometimes a sauna). In the heat of the moment one will Grease one, thus relsulting in a steamy ray
Guy 1: Man i let out a loud wet fart in the shower with my girlfriend last night

Guy 2: ahhh, sweet man steamy rays are the shit!

Guy 1: yeah man it just stuck in the steam. i left the shower and let her bathe in my greasy, steamy fart
by Mullafukaz March 31, 2009
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When a chick is giving you head, and right before ejaculation you aim for her nostril and shoot your cream up her nose
Oh remember that chick from the bar last night? Yea while she was on her knees i gave her a steamy rhino.
by Tye gordon November 15, 2017
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Blowin vape clouds into a man's boxers and/or briefs, creating a steamy salami
Omg Becky he was so big I had to give him a steamy salami
by Steamysalami June 25, 2017
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When a male ejaculates in his own feces, then proceeds to put the feces in a woman's vagina.
Did you hear Dylan dropped a Steamy Stack in his girl, and the bitch got pregnant
by McMegaDeluxe April 08, 2020
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