When you perform a Steamy Richard (Where you take a solid shit in a sock, microwave til steam comes out of the pores, slap a friend with it) then assfuck the friend and clean off your dick in their mouth or cunt.
I was just sitting there and he performed a steamy Bryan on me. Ruined my night.
by ToiletBryanThoughts November 23, 2021
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I was taking a shower with my girlfriend when she farted in the shower, giving us an all you can eat steamy buffet as lingered about.
by Diggin12 November 12, 2015
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The act of wrapping your erect penis in plastic wrap, and then inserting it into another persons anus. Thus making a "steamy bun."
You have any plastic wrap handy? I'd like to make a steamy bun!
by Dr. Mc Cocklan January 04, 2018
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A person standing up takes hold of another person upside down in the standing 69 position. Both people move their heads as close to the other anus as possible before taking a shit and attempting a cartwheel.
Joe: "Garry you fancy being upside down this time in the steamy cartwheel"
Garry: "Only if we are quick, it isn't comfortable"
by Bowlzzz December 24, 2015
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The act of literally almost losing your life on the toilet and then immediately after storing the contents of the toilet bowl for Christmas presents to gift your insufferable family around the holidays.
I gave my 6 year old niece a steamy chandler
by Bllllllop December 16, 2015
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Farting on fresh ejaculate, in which the heat from the fart causes the ejaculate to steam
Man, that steamy creamy really stinks!

May I please have a steamy creamy?
by timmytenenbaum November 30, 2020
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is when you make your penis cold and fuck a girl when your done you erection will steam a steamy vagina is the same exept you freeze the vagina
He put ice in his pants and fucked a girl and his penis was steamy erection
by bakahaka February 15, 2010
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