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Typically when an over the road truck driver or anyone who drives long distances for that matter takes to the road, one needs various methods to keep awake. Some may resort to coffee, others music, but the most hearty will resort to the road twinkie. The road twinkie is created when a sock is used to cover the erect manhood of the driver who then works out a batch of man juice. This juice is caught inside of the sock thus making it resemble a twinkie. Disposal is usually done by throwing the newly formed twinkie out of the car window.
Trucker 1: Man, got a long haul tomorrow. Taking a load of rebar and sheet rock from Tulsa to LA. Not sure if I can stay awake.
Trucker 2: Why don't you bring some old socks and make steaming road twinkies all along the route? I ben doing it for years. And a bonus, if someone cuts you off, you can play Twinkie Jarts and try to stick 'em to the bastards windshields.
by steaming road twinkie May 11, 2009
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