A online gaming thing that makes your money disappear.
I just spent 400 dollars on Steam. I regret nothing. Except that I didn't buy any Team Fortress 2 hats.
by HEADS GROW BACK May 18, 2016
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A digital download system based on auto-updates, friends-lists, and no DRM.

Although not perfect it's a much better option then Gamestop and dealing with the asshole customers rip off resales, cheap ass trade in values that rip you off at every possible opportunity.

Steam was created by valve to sell there products along with indie products and occasionally other stuff. Many people claim that Steam is only around to line valves pockets but really they are just upset by the bugs and mistakes valve made with the program rather then having really issues with it.

Despite it's wonderful usage and application Steam has it's fair share of faults. Mainly slow processing which can delay downloads massively, auto-updates without any notification, and the occasional bugs and glitches.

Despite this Steam is often regarded as a massively useful program and a god send because of it's lack of pointless DRM which most other digital download services are plagued with. It also has often sales which can give a great product away at a great price.
Guy: Steam sucks it's so laggy and never loads an-OH that indie game is on sale for 50% off must buy!

Gabe: Another job well done :D
by Blarny September 08, 2012
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Water in gas form. Nothing more.
Ow. The steam condensed on my arm causing a large amount of energy to be produced, thus burning me.
by Bob Newhart December 30, 2003
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Internet Game Distribution Program.
Created for the early release of Half-Life 2, after high demand for the game before its release.
As a result, they were forced to release in a pre-stable state.
Thats right - ITS YOUR OWN FAULT!
Utilising EXTREMELY fast download servers and high compression rates, game file sharing, etc. Steam is one of the most complicated gme downloading system devised in recent years.
Joe's getting Hal-Life 2 Gold through Steam
by Mincetro June 10, 2005
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the vapor into which water is converted when heated, forming a white mist of minute water droplets in the air
water vapor, condensation, mist, haze, fog, moisture
"steam from the kettle"
by WhyAmIinThisWebsite February 28, 2016
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A cloud-based PC gaming platform created by the game developer Valve. Designed to allow users to purchase, download, and play games linked to their accounts from any computer, without worrying about discs or limited installations. Also provides a community in which users can see games their friends are playing, give recommendations and reviews, and even create and share custom content for some games via the Workshop.

Being the first successful platform of its kind, it was initially riddled with bugs and had a poor reputation. In more recent years, it has become a celebrated staple of PC gaming.
Neverwinter Nights is being ported to Steam? Good, I'm tired of always losing the disk.

Dude, cool sword! Is that in the game?
Nah, I got it off Steam Workshop.
by mwymarc May 23, 2013
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Steams is a game. Fun for all the family. 'Steams' was born in Coundon Court School in Coventry. Everyone who goes to Coundon Court has played this game. It's not just a game either, it's a test of strength, bravery and manliness. The game evolved over the years into what it is today.

The rules of the game are:

You kick a football around in a group.
-If you get megged, everyone else in the group kicks the shit out of you.
-If you kick the ball in the air and someone else catches it, everyone else in the group kicks the shit out of you.
-If someone else kicks it in the air and you try to catch it but drop it, everyone kicks the shit out of you.
-If you take 2 touches of the ball, you get the shit kicked out of you.
"Let's play Steams!"
*Brad passes the ball to Dave*
*Dave megs Sam*
"STEEAAAMMSS!!" (Shouted by everyone)
*Everyone beats the shit out of Sam until they get bored*
by Sky Blue Spoon November 03, 2010
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