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A father who decides to not work outside the home because his wife makes more money. He is responsible for cleaning, food preparation, transportation of the kids to school and soccer. He is also responsible for everything outside the house as well as inside. Essentially he has to do everything while his wife can sit at a computer and not go bat shit crazy from being stuck in the house all day. He has also memorized all the songs of Dora, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Little Einsteins. When asked to be a man he is lost because he forgot how.
Wife: I wish I could stay home all day.
Husband: I work hard here. Would you want to read to the kids before bedtime?
Wife: No, this is my time and I am going to watch Vampire Diaries. You wanted to be the Stay at Home Dad, thanks . . .
by PB8 February 02, 2012
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A man who has chosen to take the traditionally female role of tacking care of the kids and other household tasks, such as cooking and cleaning. Stay-at-home Dads are usually people who have failed at other manly pursuits, and lack any real skills or expertise.
Zachary is a Stay-at-home Dad because his wife makes all the money, and he sits at home playing computer games and arguing on the internet all day.
by Sorcery March 12, 2009
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