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Girls and boys from Staten Island have these "accents". Mostly girls, but also some boys. Some are very thick, and some aren't. We 'staten islanders' pronounce COFFEE as CAWFFEE. sometime's it is hard to understand what we're saying. Not ALL people from staten island have staten island accents. People usually describe the accent by telling us we add an extra "A" to the end of some words.
Erica: "hey, can i have some cawfee?"
Vic: " why don't you get it yaself, yer so lazy ."
Chris: "ah you have Staten Island Accents?!"
Mike: "yooo i want some sawsages right now. Im gonna count to fawh and you betta get me some."
Girl 1: "oh my gawwwwd, i hate ha so much. its like ridiculous."
Girl 2: "my mom said you could come ovaa lata and we'll see what we can do, maybe we could to the mawll."
by S.I girl 7 April 24, 2009
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