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Stass Allie was a female Tholothian Jedi Master and cousin of Adi Gallia, who fought during the Clone Wars. At the end of the war, on Saleucami, Allie was killed by clone commander Neyo when Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine executed Order 66.
Lily Nyamwasa was originally cast in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones as Adi Gallia, a character originally appearing in The Phantom Menace. In fact, she was cast for a certain resemblance to Gin Clarke, and dressed in the same costume. After production finished, George Lucas decided that she (Lily Nyamwasa) looked substantially different to merit becoming a different character. Thus, the character was renamed Stass Allie.
by The Dark Centurion January 28, 2017
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