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The following effect and draw back after a huge hit of marijuana is taken, where the person pulls back from the bong and becomes bright and wide eyed, starry eyed surprise.....
Damn man, that hit made you starry eyed surprise.....
by Y0shi March 08, 2006
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As a man is receiving oral sex and is about to finish, he pulls out, punches the one performing the act (so that he or she sees stars) and then yells, "surprise!" as he cums in her eye
1. This hot chick was blowing me during the Leonid meteor shower last night, so I decided it would be a great time to give her a starry-eyed surprise
2. I totally got starry-eyed surprised last night- this guy punched me and came in my eye- I think I'm still seeing stars!
by Mama Cagey November 17, 2009
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