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This person is tough from the outside but has a fragile heart inside. He lives in a world of his own just how an innocent child imagines a perfect magical world of their own. His heart is pure and honest and he speaks his mind. He can have a temper but loves and cares so much harder. His eyes say what his words may not always express. His smile touches peoples hearts, his charm is to die for. He is so hardworking that his success will speak for itself, hes a champion who never looses hope regardless of the dark times he faces in his life. He is a God giffted warrior who fights his battles with full confidence in his victory. A God giffted man whos love is like the galaxies, a never ending journey that continues for a entenity.
The man of my dreams is 'Stanley Rohail'
by 03&26 for life x January 31, 2018
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