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When you are out after a long night of drinking captain morgan's and smoking ganja and you are with one of your best boys driving home. He tells you that if he orders you everything on the dollar menu at wendy's and you eat all of it he will guarantee you pussy. You eat all of it and he puts a blindfold over your eyes.Your standing tall and you start getting some of the best dome you have ever received. Right as you are about to explode your boy rips off the blindfold you look down and there is a fat bitch that weighs over 250 pounds sucking your dick causing you to puke up the whole dollar menu on her head. Hence the standing wendy!
Yo man your goin to be so pissed when you found out wat i did to laugh

Why what did you do?

I made him think he was goin to hava great night and he ended up givin a standing wendy
by tuna31 October 07, 2008
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