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An equation to determine your state of hammeredness.

The equation reads as

%s = ((a/c)/t) x 100 where

s = how shitfaced you are
a = actual amount of alcohol consumed in shot equivalents.
c = capacity of alcohol that you can handle before being puke drunk (just think of last time you puked in your shoes)
t = time in hours that you've been drinking

This will give you a percent value telling you how shitfaced you are.

So if you've had 6 shots, it takes you 10 to get to puke drunk and you've been drinking for 4 hours.

%s = ((6/10)/4)) x 100 = 15% drunk.

So that's 60% of your max but over 4 hours so you're doing okay.

How bout over 15 minutes?

%s = ((6/10)/0.25) x 100 = 240% drunk

You had 60% of your max for the night over 15 minutes... You're fucking wasted. Go puke in the washing machine and start over, Jose.
oh man I used stacked's law, and as it turns out, I'm 83% percent hammered.
by Koos D.L. Rey March 12, 2010
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